Kingofcards Wins Final Table 2012 WPT High Roller Event

Four Aces PokerTom Marchese who is also known as Kingofcards on the internet has won the final table of the 2012 WPT High Roller event, which had a hundred thousand dollar buy in. By winning this final table he has won an amazing 1.3 million dollars, which is considered his highest win till this date. By adding the 1.3 million with the previous online earnings that the New Jersey poker player has won over the internet, it will all amount up to a whooping 4 million dollars in earnings.

To go through the details of the final table, it included Daniel Perper, John Juanda Andrew Robl, Tom Marchese and Bill Klein. At the beginning Tom Marchese has secured a slight lead in chip count, and he kept it that way most of the time. He lost the chip lead at one point during the final table when he was down 2:1 in chips with Andrew Robl. Although he has lost the lead with a 2:1 ratio but he managed to take the lead once again and after playing 30 poker hands, he eliminated his dangerous opponent, Andrew Robl. Despite the fact that he didn’t win the first place and was eliminated, but Andrew Robl is certainly happy with the second place that secured him 822,375 dollars.

iPoker and Gala Company Changes

It seems that the acquisition of Rank Group over the Gala Coral group is not the only change occurring to the company. Gala Poker, one of the various parts of the Gala Coral, the British based company has left its partnership with Ongame Poker and has joined iPoker of Playtech. This partnership means a lot for Playtech as it empowers the business relationship between the British company and Playtech. This relationship started back with, the Italian venue of Gala Cora, as the company has set foot in the Italian market through the Italian network of Playtech.

iPoker is considered one of the strongest and most well-known poker networks in recent months, it even earned a place being compared with Pokerstars, as a lot consider iPoker the international competitor of Pokerstars after passing PokerParty. Despite this comparison, but iPoker still has a long way until it can reach the player numbers that Pokerstars have, it is in the second spot, but still far behind the first spot that belongs to Pokerstars.

Although this comes as good news for Playtech as mentioned, but it is considered sad news for Ongame, as it is expected to suffer greatly form such departure, especially that it is just recovering from the most recent departure of Bet24 that left to join Microgaming. Ongame is now owned by Shufflemaster who purchased it from its previous owner Bwin Interactive

On a side note, news from Playtech indicate that it got an approval form William Hill, its partner that will allow it to look for more partners within the market of the United Kingdom.

Spanish Gambling Market Gets a Shocker

The Spanish gambling authorities has made a very unpleasant announcement that contained very saddening news for everyone in the internet gambling market in Spain. As just a few week prior to the issuing of the very first online gambling licenses by the Spanish government, the authorities announced the government’s intention to ask all of the operators who are applying for licenses to pay backdated taxes due from the last 4 years. Such announcement could change the whole landscape of the Spanish Market, it is basically a game changer, and might cause a lot of operators to stop their pursuit of getting licensed and regulated under the umbrella of the Spanish government.

According to various reports, the numbers that would be asked from the operators will reach very high amounts that it can cause real financial problems. For instance, one of the biggest online gambling operators that offer its service to the Spanish market, Bwin.Party is expected to be asked to pay a total sum of 60 million Euros as backdated tax. Pokerstars is estimated to be asked for a total of 200 million Euros and finally, Miapuesta/Sportingbet is expected to be taxed with a total of 50 million Euros.

Also according to sources, Pokerstars who is due to pay 200 million Euros is intending to pay up and join the market. On the other hand, there have been reports that state that other operators might not find it that easy to pay these demands and might actually withdraw from the market and stop their pursuit to get licensed.